Critically Envisioning Biometric AI Futures

New Project at Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling

CRISP Director Dr Lachlan Urquhart and CRISP Member Dr Diana Miranda are leading a new project with Dr Alex Laffer and Dr Irena Connon examining future uses of Biometric Artificial Intelligence systems in Law Enforcement. 

Funded by the EPSRC Trustworthy Autonomous Hub, this project sees the team exploring the emerging state of the art in Biometric AI systems, such as live automated face and emotion recognition. They will focus on mapping different socio-technical and legal issues raised by these systems. This will inform development of a series of design fictions that will help to envision future uses of Biometric AI, and to support reflection on the resulting regulatory, ethical, and societal implications. The team will also conduct a roundtable in Edinburgh to discuss these fictions, bringing together stakeholders from academia, law enforcement, and government They will release a report documenting their insights, with the aim of shaping policy debates in this area.

For any further information, or if you are interested in being involved, please get in touch with Dr Urquhart.