About us

Welcome to the website for the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP). CRISP is a collaborative initiative between the University of Stirling’s Management School, The University of St Andrews, the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Sciences and School of Law, the University of Essex and Coventry University's Centre for Business in Society.

CRISP research focuses on the political, legal, economic and social dimensions of the surveillance society. CRISP’s core aim is to generate and disseminate new knowledge about ‘information, surveillance and privacy’. Specifically we aim to:

  1. Provide a platform for world class social scientific and legal research and knowledge exchange in CRISP’s subject area;
  2. Provide an international focal point for existing and future research activities in this area;
  3. Build on existing synergies that exist, in terms of current research projects and interests, between the partner institutions and researchers, and thereby enhance research capacities;
  4. Provide a solid foundation for future grant applications and knowledge exchange activities;
  5. Provide a vibrant environment for doctoral training and supervision in this subject area;
  6. Provide a platform which will allow engagement with policy-makers and practitioners relevant to this subject area; 
  7. Engage with the public on relevant issues connected with Information processing, surveillance and privacy. 

CRISP also incorporates the Scottish Privacy Forum, a group of Scottish privacy, data protection and information professionals.

CRISP is directed by Professor Charles Raab and Dr Lachlan Urquhart (University of Edinburgh), Professor Kirstie Ball (University of St Andrews), Professor William Webster (University of Stirling), Professor Sally Dibb (Coventry University), and Professor Pete Fussey (University of Essex).