Routledge Studies in Surveillance Book Series

Edited by CRISP

Surveillance is one of the fundamental sociotechnical processes underpinning the administration, governance and management of the modern world. It shapes how the world is experienced and enacted. The much-hyped growth in computing power and data analytics in public and private life, successive scandals concerning privacy breaches, national security and human rights have vastly increased its popularity as a research topic. The centrality of personal data collection to notions of equality, political participation and the emergence of surveillant authoritarian and post-authoritarian capitalisms, among other things, ensure that its popularity will endure within the scholarly community.

A collection of books focusing on surveillance studies, this series aims to help to overcome some of the disciplinary boundaries that surveillance scholars face by providing an informative and diverse range of books, with a variety of outputs that represent the breadth of discussions currently taking place.

Series Editors
Professor Kirstie Ball, University of St Andrews
Professor Pete Fussey, University of Essex
Professor Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh
Professor William Webster University of Stirling

Books Published in the Series

Police on Camera: Surveillance, Privacy, and Accountability
Bryce Clayton Newell (ed.), 2022.

Gender, Surveillance, and Literature in the Romantic Period: 1780–1830
Lucy E. Thompson, 2021.

Surveillance Practices and Mental Health: The Impact of CCTV Inside Mental Health Wards
By Suki Desai December 31, 2021.

Trust and Transparency in an Age of Surveillance
Lora Anne Viola and Paweł Laidler (eds.), 2021.

Media, Surveillance and Affect: Narrating Feeling-States
Nicole Falkenhayner, 2018.

Surveillance and Democracy in Europe
Kirstie Ball and William Webster (eds.), 2018.

Surveillance, Privacy and Public Space
Bryce Clayton Newell, Tjerk Timan and Bert-Jaap Koops (eds.), 2018.

Big Data, Surveillance and Crisis Management
Kees Boersma and Chiara Fonio (eds.), 2017.

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