Are We Owned? A Multidisciplinary and Comparative Conversation on Intellectual Property in the Algorithmic Society

SCOTLIN Conference with the Modern Law Review
Friday, October 8, 2021 -
00:00 - 23:45

Speakers include:

  • Joshua Fairfield (Washington and Lee University), From Owned to Owner: Changing the Core Narratives of Digital Property
  • Marco Ricolfi (University of Turin), The Future of Intellectual Property in the Algorithmic Society
  • Cristiana Sappa (IÉSEG), Who owns cultural heritage in the algorithmic society?
  • Dan L Burk (University of California), Cheap Creativity and What It Will Do
  • Ignas Kalpokas & Julija Kalpokiene (Vytautas Magnus University), Beyond Anthropocentric Creativity: AI, Humans, and Going beyond Copyright
  • Burkhard Schafer (University of Edinburgh) & Erica Fraser (Canadian Intellectual Property Office), Computational Creativity is AI having fun: the law of explainable and creative AIs
  • Matthew David (Durham University), Living in a vacuum –9000 patents or £9000 tuition fees?
  • Aleksandra Nowicka (Westminster Law School), The issue of the artificial intelligence being based on the algorithmic bias – the analysis through the feminist lenses’
  • Kwaku Adu-Amankwa (Strathclyde University) & Angela Daly (University of Dundee), Whose Digital Property Is It Anyway? An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Intellectual Property, Technical Protection Measures and Digital Manufacturing Supply Chains
  • Janice Denoncourt (Nottingham Law School), Corporate Intellectual Property and Technology in an Algorithmic Society
  • Maria Lillà Montagnani (Bocconi University) & Alina Trapova (University of Nottingham), The GDPR to the rescue of algorithmic copyright enforcement
  • Sean Thomas (York Law School), Embedded software and sale of goods: a suggested legislative framework for English and Welsh law

For further information please contact: Guido Noto La Diega (University of Stirling).

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