If surveillance cameras are to be kept in line, the rules will have to keep pace with technology

The Conversation, 14 March 2017

It has been said that Britain has more surveillance cameras than any other country in the world. This proliferation of CCTV cameras led the government to establish a Surveillance Camera Commissioner responsible for overseeing their governance – the only country in the world to do so.

New Doctoral Researcher joins CRISP

CRISP would like to welcome its third doctoral student, Roger Von Laufenberg. Roger will be based at St Andrews and is funded by the Big Data Surveillance project. Over the next three years he will be studying Big Data Analytics and changes to marketing practices, focussing on how marketing organisations are making sense of Big Data and to what extent ethical, privacy and societal impacts of Big Data analytics are taken into consideration by the organisation.

Re-inventing privacy for the 21st century - why and how?

Seminar by Tjerk Timan, 15th Feb, 12 - 2pm, The Gateway Building LR2, St Andrews University

Visiting researcher Dr Tjerk Timan delivered a seminar entitled 'Re-inventing privacy for the 21st century - why and how?' on Wednesday 15th February from 12 - 2pm. The seminar was well attended and there was a great discussion afterwards.  The slides from the seminar are here, and the paper on which it was based is here. Thanks to all who came along.

The abstract of Dr Timan's talk was as follows: