New CRISP PhD student

Welcome Sahngmin!

CRISP is very pleased to welcome Sahngmin Shin, who is a PhD student in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.  Sahngmin is researching the relationship between technology and the government and is supervised by Dr. Catherine Jones and Dr. Joe Burton.

Her research interests include Digital Authoritarianism, Cybersecurity, East Asia and Politics in The Korea Peninsula.

New affiliated Phd student

Welcome Sandro!

CRISP is pleased to welcome Sandro Eich, a PhD student from the School of English at the University of St Andrews. Sandro's PhD is provisionally entitled 'Whistleblowing Narratives: Investigating the cultural context(s) and representation(s) of whistleblowing in 21st-century fiction and non-fiction'. He is supervised by Dr James Purdon in the School of English.