Call for Papers: Governing Smart Cities

EGPA eGov Study Group, Lausanne, Switzerland, 5-7 September 2018

Whilst concepts and approaches associated with e-Government and the smart city appear to be focussed on delivering better services, they differ markedly, with the former focussing on the administrative and enhanced use of ICTs and the latter on creating an environment for innovation and radical new ways of using data, including data emanating from social media. The evolution from e-Government to smart city services implies an even greater emphasis on the use of data, which in turn is intended to lead to better policy and decision-making, as well as enhanced service provision.

The Future of Surveillance Cameras in the UK: A Question Time Themed Event

On 21 February 2018 CRISP hosted a Question Time Themed event on the future of surveillance cameras in the UK. The event took place at the London School of Economics and attracted lively debate and an audience of about 100.

The Panel, chired by Professor Pete Fussey of the University of Essex, included:

Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Lord Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Home Affairs

Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch

Privacy as a Social Value: Interdisciplinary PhD studentship, University of St Andrews

New closing date, April 20th

The University of St Andrews is offering a Ph.D. studentship in the area of Privacy as a Social Value.  The funding covers EU/home fees and RCUK-level maintenance costs.  The student will be jointly supervised by Professor Kirstie Ball (School of Management) and Professor Katherine Hawley (Department of Philosophy), and will be affiliated with CRISP (the Centre for Research Into Surveillance and Privacy).

The details of the project are below. 

Project Context