Call for Papers: The Bible and Surveillance

Surveillance and Religion Network, 4th Online Workshop

Watching and being seen often features in biblical texts. God and angels are depicted as figures able to observe humans. People in the Bible engage in looking at others, sometimes spying on enemies, or keeping an eye out in particular for those who are in need. Being seen is also understood as something people need and want; to be confirmed by God’s gaze.

Routledge Studies in Surveillance is back!

With a new call for proposals, deadline December 31st 2020

Hello everyone! Things have been very quiet here at CRISP towers for the last few months. Many CRISP members have had all their time taken up with online teaching activities due to the pandemic.  Nonetheless a few of us have still been able to beaver away quietly on our research too. In the next few weeks we're going to be updating you all with news of our research activities, publications and projects that have happened this year and are continuing into the next one. Hurray! 

New Project: PATH-AI

Professor Charles Raab, CRISP Director at the University of Edinburgh, is Co-Investigator on the new ESRC funded project ‘PATH-AI: Mapping an Intercultural Path to Privacy, Agency and Trust in Human-AI Ecosystems’. This project is a partnership between The Alan Turing Institute (the UK's national institute for data science and AI research) and RIKEN (Japan's largest comprehensive research institution).