Call for Papers: Innovation Labs and eGovernment

European Group of Public Administration Permanent Study Group on eGovernment

The 2019 Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) will be held in Belfast, North Ireland from 11-13 September 2019. The Conference is being organised in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast. For this conference, the Permanent Study Group on e-Government requests (1) abstracts for papers relating to the meeting theme of innovation labs, and (2) those drawing on current research which is relevant to the interests of this Permanent Study Group on e-Government.

CRISP Director Pete Fussey to lead Human Rights strand of national surveillance strategy

Professor Pete Fussey has been asked by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to lead a new strand of his national strategy focusing on human rights. The work will focus on foregrounding and embedding human rights principles into national surveillance policy instruments. A blog post of planned work has been published on the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's website here.

New Doctoral Researchers join CRISP

Welcome Janis and Anuj

CRISP would like to extend a warm welcome to new PhD students Janis Wong and Anuj Puri.  Both join us on St Leonards Interdisciplinary Studentships. 

Janis is jointly based in the Department of Computing and the School of Management. She is supervised by Dr Tristan Henderson and Professor Kirstie Ball. Her PhD will address the instantiation of values in the data science process.