Fix My Street! Using administrative data to understand neighbourhood environmental quality and coproducing analysis of “Big Data”

Research Seminar, Dr. Peter Matthews, University of Stirling
Thursday, March 21, 2019 -
13:30 - 15:00

University of Stirling, Cottrell Room 3B129

This talk presents evidence from a number of collaborative projects. The driving concern behind the research was that, as local government increasingly relies on citizens to report problems such as littering, dog fouling and potholes, then the propensity for more affluent and higher socio-economic-status citizens, and their communities, to receive a higher level of service is a pressing problem. We present the challenges of using administrative data to answer this question, and some of the broader challenges of using such administrative “big” data to answer urban problems, and the role of the University of Stirling’s Research Programmes in supporting interdisciplinary research in this area.

Dr Peter Matthews is a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, and Deputy Associate Dean for Research, in the Faculty of Social Sciences. His research focuses on inequalities in the urban environment and urban policy. 

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