Posted Jan 17th 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the paper 'Data protection for the common good: Developing a framework for a data protection-focused data commons' has now appeared in the journal Data and Policy.  The paper was lead authored by soon-to-be CRISP PhD graduate Janis Wong. It addresses how existing data stewardship frameworks may limit the potential for everyday citizens to become more...

Posted Jan 13th 2022

Researchers from the University of Stirling – working with colleagues at the Universities of Warwick, Osnabrück and Bonn – will seek to identify emerging consumer issues in the UK and Germany related to smart technology and assess how their consumer laws cover these issues. The collaboration will scope the potential for mutual learning between the two legal systems and recommend changes to the...

Posted Jan 11th 2022

A research team from the University of Stirling, including CRISP Director Professor William Webster, has been awarded a research grant to review best practice relating to how police forces introduce new emerging technologies into policing practice.  The research project is designed specifically to support the Scottish Government funded Independent Advisory Group on the use of emerging...

Posted Dec 17th 2021

CRISP is delighted to announce that a state of the art literature review, covering surveillance in standard, remote and platform work is now available.

The review has been authored by Kirstie Ball in conjunction with the Joint Research Council of the European Commission. It integrates research from the business disciplines and considers implications for managers, organizations and...

It's a book and a heart, because we still love books!

Posted Dec 17th 2021

Hello everyone! It's book proposal time again!

We've been a bit slow off the mark announcing the call this time around (pandemic and all that), so we've offered an extended deadline to the end of January. 

As some of you may already know, CRISP runs a book series for Routledge entitled Routledge Studies in Surveillance. It's important to us that new, exciting, book-length...

Posted Nov 19th 2021

CRISP is delighted to announce that a new research project has been secured to undertake an evidence review of the use body-worn video cameras in a policing context with specific reference to policy-citizens relations.  The Stirling research team includes Professor William Webster, Dr Diana Miranda and Mr Charles Leleux.  The research is being funded by the Scottish Institute for Policing...

Posted Jun 22nd 2021

*This article was first published on the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies Blog, June 11th 2021 and is inspired by a seminar on workplace surveillance that took place on March 19th 2021. It implicitly quotes and paraphrases speaker Kirstie Ball*

Following a UK Supreme Court decision ruling that Uber drivers are in fact workers, Uber announced March 16th 2021 that its 70,000 drivers will...

Anuj Puri (left) and Jorge Campos (right) 

Posted Jun 7th 2021

Amidst the current doom and gloom of the third wave, CRISP has good news to share! Congratulations go to two of our doctoral students, Jorge Campos and Anuj Puri.

Jorge was recently awarded his PhD entitled  'The Dynamics of Data Donation', at the University of St Andrews.   His thesis, supervised by Kirstie Ball and examined by Priscilla Regan and Fergus Neville, was described by the...

It's a book and a heart, because we love books

Posted Jun 7th 2021

Hello everyone! It's book proposal time again!

Thanks to everyone who contacted us in the last call for proposals. We are currently working on some very exciting manuscripts which should be hitting the shelves very soon indeed. 

As some of you may already know, CRISP runs a book series for Routledge entitled Routledge Studies in Surveillance. It's important to us that new, exciting...

Posted Apr 20th 2021

2021 Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration

EGPA Permanent Study Group I on e-Government

The 2021 Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from the 7th to the 10th of September 2021. The Conference is being organised by the EGPA/IIAS Secretariat in close cooperation with key partners. For this...