New MA in Digitalisation, Surveillance and Societies

AY 2021/22 at ERASMUS, Rotterdam: Apply now!

Dr Daniel Trottier and his team at ERASMUS are proud to announce that this week they have launched their new MA In Digitalisation, Surveillance and Societies, beginning Autumn 2021. Apply for your place now!

The integration of digital technologies into a range of everyday practices create and perpetuate a number of contemporary and cross-sector issues that require better understanding and critical reflection about data collection, discrimination, privacy violations, and disruptions by and through digital media.

The new MA programme  enables students to develop scientifically informed responses to these challenges by focusing on social, intercultural, political, technical, and international dimensions of digitalisation. It advances evaluative thinking and problem-solving skills that are vital for socially responsible technology design, as well as developing effective personal, social, organisational, political and policy responses or strategies to digital media practices. Understanding societal implications of digitalisation allows citizens, companies and governments to harness their potential while safeguarding the interests of those who could be vulnerable or exploited by them.

If you have any questions about the programme you can contact Daniel directly by email or the team via this URL