Doctoral and Post Doctoral appointment successes

Well done Jorge and Anuj

Anuj Puri (left) and Jorge Campos (right) 

Amidst the current doom and gloom of the third wave, CRISP has good news to share! Congratulations go to two of our doctoral students, Jorge Campos and Anuj Puri.

Jorge was recently awarded his PhD entitled  'The Dynamics of Data Donation', at the University of St Andrews.   His thesis, supervised by Kirstie Ball and examined by Priscilla Regan and Fergus Neville, was described by the external examiner as 'among the best of the PhD theses on... data privacy...that I have read'. Jorge has since been appointed as Post Doctoral Research fellow at ERASMUS University, working with Dr Jason Pridmore on the BIM-SPEED Horizon 2020 project.

Anuj is currently completing his doctoral thesis, entitled 'A Theory of Group Privacy' at The University of St Andrews Department of Philosophy and School of Management. He is supervised by Kirstie Ball, Rowan Cruft and the late Katherine Hawley. Alongside his doctoral endeavours, this month he has published a piece in The Rutgers Law Record entitled 'The Right to Attentional Privacy'. In the article, Anuj debates whether attentional privacy is needed to safeguard against persuasive, addictive technologies. Anuj has also been appointed by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law as a Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law. 

Two wonderful sets of achievements!