Routledge Studies in Surveillance: It's book proposal time!

Submit your book proposal by June 30th

It's a book and a heart, because we love books

Hello everyone! It's book proposal time again!

Thanks to everyone who contacted us in the last call for proposals. We are currently working on some very exciting manuscripts which should be hitting the shelves very soon indeed. 

As some of you may already know, CRISP runs a book series for Routledge entitled Routledge Studies in Surveillance. It's important to us that new, exciting, book-length scholarship about surveillance in all its forms has an outlet. Information about the series can be found here.

We open a call for proposals twice a year, in December and June. During these periods you can submit proposals to us. We will give you feedback on your proposal and do all of the liaising with Routledge as well.

 If you decide to submit a proposal you'll need to consult and follow Routledge's guidelines for book proposals. We welcome monographs, collaboratively authored research books and edited collections. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss a proposal, even if it's in an embryonic form.

Happy writing!