Coordinated Higher Education Responses to Digitization

CRISP is part of the ESCALATE international consortium awarded ERASMUS+ funding to undertake research into the effects of digitization on higher education services.

The aim of the project is to assist universities in implementing activities designed to increase the levels of digital competences for employability, upskilling, in line with a growing range of employment generated by the digital economy, alongside the needs of and opportunities offered by the labour market as well as the consequences and impacts of intensified digital practices. The latter includes issues associated with surveillance and privacy.

The strategic partnership is comprised of 6 partners from 5 different EU countries: West University of Timisoara (Romania); University of Stirling (UK); University of Exeter (UK); Prospektiker (Spain); Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany); and University of Milan Bicocca (Italy).

The CRISP research team includes Professor William Webster, Professor Ron McQuaid and Dr Aleks Webb.

Full information is available on the ESCALATE project website.
Twitter: @DigitalEscalate

University of Stirling ESCALATE website.