Money, Law and Courage: The Varied Roles of the UK Information Commissioner

2018 CRISP Annual Lecture with Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner

Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, delivered the 6th Annual CRISP Lecture on Wednesday, 14th March before a large audience at the University of Edinburgh. Entitled 'Money, Law and Courage: The Varied Roles of the UK Information Commissioner'.  Ms. Denham first explained the financial and other resources at her disposal, as well as the legal and other instruments she can use in performing the Commissioner's role. These instruments formed an elaborate 'toolbox' of regulatory practices, in which all are interrelated. She explained that, in reality, her position actually involves her in many and varied roles in terms of engagement with data controllers, individual citizens, the general public, civil society groups, policy-makers and other regulators. Elizabeth Denham outlined these relationships and their importance in a comprehensive regulatory regime facing formidable technological, societal and legal challenges today and in the future, for which a great deal of courage is needed.

A full transcript of the lecture is available on the ICO's website.