CRISP welcomes Dr Caroline Lancelot-Miltgen

Our first international visitor

This week CRISP was delighted to welcome Dr Caroline Lancelot-Miltgen from Audencia Business school in France as our first international visitor. Dr Lancelot-Miltgen spent time with CRISP at Open and Stirling Universities. Her research focuses on the dynamics of user privacy behaviours. Her work also addresses issues of identity, e-commerce and public policy, social media, digital services and technology acceptance.  As well as participating in project meetings of our EPSRC ‘Monetise Me’ and SSHRC ‘Big Data Surveillance’ projects Dr Lancelot-Miltgen spent time with CRISP doctoral students and delivered a fascinating seminar entitled 'Privacy, Risk, Trust and Regulation'. The seminar discussed her work as PI of two European Projects 'Privacy and electronic identification systems' (2007) and on 'Personal data Management' (2009). It revealed how European citizens disclosed and protected their personal data. Younger citizens expressed more positive attitudes toward data management, felt more responsible and confident in their ability to prevent possible data misuse.